Electronics & Battery

Thermal Grease: The Hauschild SpeedMixer deals with various fillers such as silicones, urethanes, acrylates, aluminum oxide, boron nitride, zinc oxide, and aluminum nitride. Applications serviced include thermallay conductive resins and electronic cooling.

Silicones: The Hauschild SpeedMixer can help you mix your silicones for use in electronics when potting is an issue, or for dielectric grease. Other insulation applications may include aluminum oxide in silicon for integrated circuits. Hauschild SpeedMixers remove air which means minimal to no bubbles in your potting application.

Advanced Applications: Hauschild SpeedMixers have been a hidden-helper in advances in battery technology. Quickly formulate and prepare battery electrode coatings, disperse or grind carbon black, graphene, carbon nanotubes as well as many more electrode materials.

Conductive Inks: Hasuchild SpeedMixer helps you get the best out of your conductive inks when using PTFs (polymer thick films), silver inks, or polymeric conductive materials.

Solders & Pastes: Get the most out of your circuit boards with perfect solder mixing. Eutectic and SAC alloys, tin or lead free compounds. The Hauschild SpeedMixer can handle high thixotropic indexes. Quickly redisperse, resuspend or remix needed materials and remove all bubbles.

Slurries:. The Hauschild Speedmixer will mix Lithium polymer, Zinc, Manganese oxide, and soft ferrites to perfection.

Capacitors: Tha Hauschild SpeedMixer can mix your dielectrics, including plastic, mica, ceramics, glass, and polymer capacitor preparations. It can help disperse carbon nanotubes and carbon aerogel for your supercapacitors.