Aerospace Materials

Coatings: The Hauschild SpeedMixer quickly and effectively mixes your abradable material with no bubbles and a perfect mixture for jet engine turbine coatings.

C/C and RCC: Carbon fiber reinforced carbon and Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Carbon? The Hauschild Speedmixer has experience with C/C and RCC.

Ceramics: Ceramic matrix composites and ceramic fiber reinforced ceramic? The Hauschild SpeedMixer has experience with CMCs and CFRC.

Microspheres: Monodisperse glass microspheres? The Hasuchild SpeedMixer has experience mixing spacer-grade particles as well as other bondline control beads.

Metamaterials: Metamaterial absorbers – Hauschild SpeedMixer can mix them. The Hauschild SpeedMixer has dealt with solutions for photodetectors, solar and thermovoltaic applications.

Fillers: Aliphatic, aromatic, and thermosetting polyimides – The Hauschild SpeedMixer can mix and disperse fillers and additives into them.

Pre-Cermaics: Polysilazane, Lonsdaleite, allotropes of carbob, poly(hydridocarbyne), and ceramic matrix. The Hauschild SpeedMixer can mix and formulating your pre-ceramics.

Advanced or Multi-Materials: The Hauschild SpeedMixer will help you repeatably formulate and mix all your needed materials such as radar transparent materials, acoustic attenuating materials, radome materials, dielectrics and buoyancy foams.

Resins: From epoxy, to urethane to silicone to virtually every other resin/reactive chemistry, Hauschild SpeedMixer can help you mix quicker, easier, and more repeatably...with no bubbles!

CAB-O-SIL® or AEROSIL®: Adding CAB-O-SIL® or AEROSIL® into your formulation? The Hauschild SpeedMixer can quickly mix, disperse and deair your formulation.

Optics: Optical bonding- quickly mix and deair optically clear epoxy, silicone, urethanes, etc for a 100% bubble-free result.